17-Ways To Get Free Google Play Codes & Gift Cards 2019

Being an android user is probably the most money efficient thing I have done in my life so far. Owning an Android smartphone in this era is way easy and it’s affordably affordable.  Like you can have an Android device for as low as $20 and or can easily pay well above $1000 depending on your budget. Last year alone manufacturers sold around 1.56 Billion smartphones worldwide, 86% of which supported Android as an OS.

If you are an android owner jus like me, then Google Play needs no introduction to you. And, after Google acquired Android systematically in the year 2005, Google Play is the biggest, safest, easiest source to get an application on your device.  It has a simple UI, easy to use, runs like butter, and it contains over 2.7 million apps at your disposal. But obviously, not every app is free and are called Paid apps.

Well, if you need any decent app, you’ll need to pay real money. But if you don’t want to do so, then keep reading this article.  In this article, I will share 17 different ways to get Google Play codes to get your paid app for free.

What Are Google Play Codes?

If you are a frequent user of Google Play store or some other Google pay services then there is a time when you need to pay for some of them.  In such cases, google play codes help you do so. If you have any working Google play code, all you have to do is redeem it and a certain amount of money will be added to your Google Pay account, which can be used to pay for a lot of stuff.

You can also use Google Play codes as a gift to any android user in your family or maybe to somebody else. These codes are really handy for students or somebody who loves mobile gaming. So, here is the list of 17-working ways to get Google Play codes.


1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a simple, safe reward site, which rewards you points on the basis of the job you perform for them. The points you earned holds real money value and varies with different reward sites. After you stack up enough points you can redeem those points into gift cards, which will be sent to you via email.   With Swagbucks, you can get your gift card in 48 hours after redeeming.

To earn Points, you will first need to make an account with a working email. After, making an account, complete the jobs on the offer wall. Once the jobs are completed the points related to them will be credited to your account. Once, you have enough points, head to the Reward section and use your points to buy gift cards. If you put a little effort you can easily get $10 or $25 gift card in a day(belief in yourself).

2. Payprizes

PayPrizes is another reward site, I wanted to mention. It works on the same principle as Swagbucks.  In PayPrizes, you can sign-in using your Google account. Once, you are signed in, its time to complete the jobs on the offer wall. The basic rate Payprizes offer is $10.oo for 1000 points. So, once you have earned 1000 points, you can convert that money into Google Play Giftcard which will be sent to you via email.

The best part about these reward sites is that they are not particularly for any platform. Lets, say you want Paypal cash or Xbox live code instead, then you can definitely have it. All you have to do is earn points and then redeem it.

3. GPlayReward

GPlayReward is another get to paid platform for Google Play Codes. The only difference is that it is particularly for Google Play codes. It has the same working mechanism as Swagbucks or PayPrizes but with a different rate. All you have to do is to complete the so-called simple jobs. These jobs include watching videos, completing surveys, doing paid searches or downloading some app.

You complete the job, the site pays you points. Once you have enough points, you can redeem/exchange those for $10, $25, and $50 gift cards.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

If you are not a great fan of watching paid ads and doing paid searches, then Google Opinion Rewards makes it simple for you. As the name suggests, Google  Opinion reward is a survey site that pays you for completing the surveys i.e sharing your honest opinions. There are only two ways you can get your rewards with Google opinion. You can either redeem it as Google Play Gift cards or PayPal cash.

The basic survey topics include Hotel Reviews, opinion polls, merchant satisfaction surveys, etc. Since it is officially made by Google, you can sign in with your Google account, complete the survey s and get your rewards.

5. Feature Points

Another awesome reward site in our list is Feature Points. If you don’t like spending time on survey or watch boring ads, then Features point might be a good alternative for you.  Feature Points actually rewards you points for downloading different apps.  So all you have to do is download different apps they are paying for, use them a little, and get your points. Use those points to redeem GooglePlay, Amazon, PayPal, Walmart gift cards.

You can also earn points by sharing with other people or completing a survey. As for the apps you have downloaded, you can keep it or delete once your points are added.

6. GrabPoints

GrabPoints is another trusty reward site to get you free google play codes. It works on the same principle as others. in grab points you would at least need to stack up 3000 points to get your reward. You will be awarded $1 for every 1000 points. With GrabPoints you can earn well above $50 in 24 hrs. the more complicated your task would be the more money you would make.

7. Harris Poll Online

Reward sites are great, but most of the money they offer comes from surveys. As they are easy to conduct and mostly sponsored. The Harris Poll Online is another platform that conducts surveys for major media outlets. Since it is already working with the big guys, it could be a great source for free gift cards. Complete the survey earn the reward, it’s that simple.

8. Insta GC

Instant Gift cards or Insta GC is your regular reward site. You start earning by making an account, completing surveys, watching videos and doing paid searches. Insta GC gives you a chance to choose from 340+ types of gift cards and delivers them almost instantly.

9. FreeMyApps

FreeMyApp is one of those reward sites that rewards you for downloading sponsered app and games. By downloading different types of apps, you earn credit and then you can redeem your credit to get you GooglePlay Codes. FreeMyApp claims to reward over $27 Million worth free gift cards. Well, not sure about the 27 Million bt pretty sure that you can easily earn $27 in a day.

10. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is another source to earn you gift cards but, it is not a reward site. The story with gift card granny is a bit different. With Gift Card granny, you can earn point by selling or buying Gift cards. it might not give some free gift cards, but you can compare prices from different sites to get the best deal. Doing so will help you earn a point, which you can exchange for Gift cards. So, in simple terms, you do get your gift cards, but not totally free!

One thing Gift card granny do the best is notifying you in about of Giveaways, discounts or contest.

11. WHAFF Rewards

So, far we have talked enough about reward sites, survey site and all but, if you are looking for Google Play Codes then you are more of an Android smartphone user than a PC one. One of the best platform on android to earn free Gift cards is WHAFF Rewards. To start with WHAFF Rewards you will first need to link your Facebook account. Once that is done you can start earning.

In WHAFF rewards you earn point by downloading sponsored app and games. You can also earn extra points by keeping the app for a longer time period. If you are a smartphone user then exploring a new app won’t be a problem.

12. S’ more

A simple question, “How often do you unlock your phone?”. According to a study, an average user unlocks his/her phone 110 times a day. But how much they earn by unlocking – Nil, to be precise. But with S’ more you can exactly do that. The S’more app lets you ran money by unlocking your phone.

What it actually does is place ads on your lock screen. So, every time you unlock your phone, you are indirectly earning money, which can definitely be used to get GooglePlay codes.


13. Gift Box

Gift box is another earning app on our list. With 4.7 star rating on play store, this app lets you earn money by downloading apps and using them. Yes, this app is pretty much the same as WHAFF rewards but it is way more popular as well. It has over 70K user reviews. It also rewards you for referring to a friend, watching a video and on the basis of daily uses.

14. MobileXpression

MobileXpression is another unique app like S’more. It allows you to earn free on the basis of your daily mobile data usage. The more internet you use the more you earn. Even if you are not a great fan of the internet, you can still earn as long as your data is on. You don’t have to download apps, fill a survey or watch a video, just keep your data on.

15. BoomGift

BoomGift is another reward earning app. You can earn rewards on BoomGift by testing all kind of apps. BoomGift also rewards 30% bonus to you if one of your friends is earning points. It has more of a Network Marketing approach of rewarding people.


16. AppNana

AppNana is another app that rewards you Nana as points for downloading the app and playing games. Your Daily Login gets you 400 nanas. Playing games and doing activities and downloading certain apps, lets you earn Nanas which can be used to redeem GooglePlay codes, iTunes, and Xbox gift cards, etc.


17.  Give Aways

Earning 100s and 1000s of points and redeeming it can get you a lot of free google play codes, but it also takes a lot of time and effort. And you should definitely do it as long as they work, but always keep an eye for giveaways. There are so many communities, channels, and platforms that conduct regular giveaways and if you are lucky enough, you can easily earn $100 worth gift cards in one go. By participating in different giveaways, you can definitely win a lot of things or you might win nothing.

With the reward site and apps, you can win less reward but constantly, with giveaways, there is no guarantee ad you will win or you will lose. One thing I know for sure is that you don’t need to put money, effort, time in giveaways which also explains why your chance of winning are so slim.

Free Codes

Below are some free codes, that you can try on GooglePlay Stores.

No. Code
4 EBYX-J3CW-SH8P-78SZ-573Y
5 79M3-F3Q3-BMRQ-4F3F-WFA8
9 R2PU-FZX2-DM36-VC69-F8AA
11 YBN2-ZPZZ-8GD2-K3E8-92BF













































Code Generators

Code Generators could have been the best way to get any type of codes for free or for a simple task. But in reality, they never work. To be honest, the whole world of a code generator is a scam. When using a code generator, all you have to do is make an account, fill a survey or complete a task and get your code.

Try that code, and it never works. So, what happened? Well, you did everything the way it was supposed to do and the reward was paid as well but not to you. In reality, the task you just completed was sponsored. Since you completed the task, the owner of the site gets the commission for getting the task done.

All you get is a random system-generated code, that holds no real-life value.  As for the owner of the site, he got the commission as you did the task for him. And, that’s how you get scammed. This strategy is used by several marketing/advertising companies, so they can fool others and make a good fortune for themselves.

Bottom Line

Getting free google paly codes that really work is quite awesome. But it takes a lot of effort and you need to be really fixated about getting these codes. A simpler way to do this is getting a part-time job or do freelancing if you can.  in case, you are thinking that you can easily make $5-$10 by this method, you definitely can but not easily.  If there is no other way around, then I would personally recommend you to go with S’more, Google opinion rewards and MobileXpression as they can give maximum output for least effort.

So, that was all I could possibly tell you about getting free GooglePlay codes. All the steps mentioned above are 100% working as long as you put work into it. With nothing else to say, thanks for reading this article and all the best with you play codes. Take care, Have fun- Goodbye!

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