How to Delete eBay Account [Full Steps]

eBay is quite handy when you want to sell off your old wares or trying to get something at a really cheap price. But whatever great features it may offer, it might happen that you no longer want to use eBay. We are here to assist as we will be discussing all the steps required to close or delete your eBay account.

What happens when you delete your eBay account?

Before deleting your account, make sure you agree to all of this.

  • Your account will be permanently removed.
  • Any type of credits saved in your account will be lost.
  • You’ll lose your purchase and sales history.
  • Purchase and sales data will be deleted.
  • You’ll not be able to open another account with the same email.

Steps to delete eBay account

In order to delete your eBay account permanently, you need to follow the steps explained below. Also, make sure you abide by these conditions or else your account will not be deleted:

  • All your fees are paid, and your account balance is zero
  • You’ve resolved any suspensions or restrictions
  • You don’t have open bids on an item
  • You don’t have any outstanding payouts to be processed to your bank account or in pending status if you’re a managed payments seller.

The steps are

  • Open a browser and type in the address bar and hit ok.

  • The official eBay homepage will open.
  • Now log in with your eBay account which you want to delete using your email and password.
  • After you log in, just Go to My eBay and scroll to Account option.
  • Under the Account menu, you have to click on the option as, ‘Close my account’.
  • Now you will be redirected to another page trying to dissuade you from deleting your account. Just ignore and click on continue.

  • The closing eBay account form will open. Make sure you fulfill all the conditions
  • You will be redirected to a new page, where you have to choose ‘Why you want to close your account’. Select an option from the drop-down menu and click on ‘Continue’.
  • eBay will now try to solve any potential issue for which you are closing your account. If you still determined to delete your account, check on the ‘ I read and understand the above information” and select the option, ‘No please close my account’ from the drop-down menu and click on Ok.

  • For security purpose you may have to enter your password again.
  • Do the same and now your account will be deleted.

eBay generally takes 48-72 hours for verification and removing an account. After that eBay will send a confirmation mail about your deletion of the account. So, if you follow these steps it is a child’s play to delete an eBay account.

What you need to know about closing your account

When you submit a request to close your account, we’ll send an email to your registered email address and to your eBay Messages within 24 hours letting you know we’ve received it. Generally, it takes 30 days to close an account from the date we receive a request.

However, if you’ve bought or sold items in the 30 days prior to submitting your request, we’ll keep your account open for 60 days from receiving your request so any outstanding sales or purchases can be completed, and so we can meet our commitments to all buyers and sellers under the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

If you change your mind during the time it takes to close your account, you can contact us and ask to have it reopened.

For security reasons, you can’t transfer or sell your eBay account to a new owner. However, you can add a secondary contact to your account.

After the 30-day or 60-day period (depending on whether you’ve bought or sold in the past 30 days), your account will be permanently closed. When we’ve closed your account we’ll let you know by sending an email to your registered email address. If you’d like to use eBay again, you’ll need to create a new account.

Please contact us for help closing the account of a deceased eBay member.


1. Can I use the same email address to open another eBay account?

A. No, you will not be able to use the same email address to open another eBay account.


2. Can I recover my account once it is permanently deleted?

A. The deletion of your account is irreversible and you cannot get back your account at any means.


3. Will I retain any credits that I own?

A. All credits will be deleted after you delete your account so do spend them before deletion.


4. If I delete my account will it affect my secondary account?

A. Each account is different and it will not affect each other.


5. What happens to my account after it’s closed?

A. You’ll no longer be able to use the user ID or email address associated with your closed account to access any part of eBay that requires an account, Also, your Feedback profile will no longer be available to other members.


6. What does eBay do with my personal information after I close my account?

A. eBay keeps personal information in accordance with our privacy policy. This is necessary to comply with laws, prevent fraud, collect any fees owed, resolve problems, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigations, enforce our User Agreement, and take other actions permitted by law.

Final Words

So,  this is how you can delete your eBay account. Furthermore we hope to clear your doubts regarding deletion of your eBay account and its consequences. We would certainly recommend you to read about the terms and conditions before you actually decide to delete your account.

We hope you like this article, if you have any doubt do comment below.

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