How to Get Free Robux Easily [100% Working Tricks]

Are you looking for Free Robux or a Working Robux Generator? Are you a Roblox game developer? or Maybe you like to play multiplayer games with your friends. No matter which side you are, the thirst of Robux will never end as it is the only in-game currency. Whether it’s a fancy dress or iron man’s armor, you will always need Robux to get those.

But, on a bigger scale, any Roblox game developer can easily earn up to $1.05 million a month. Now, that’s a lot of cash. Interested? Well, stick with us, in case you want to learn about Robux and different ways to get Robux for FREE!.



What is Robux?

Robux is an in-game credit or primary currency in Roblox. You can use Robux to buy different in-game items or assets for game creation and to sell and buy stuff in Roblox. Robux is a universal currency in Roblox, which is why it’s really valuable. There are several ways to earn Robux, from being a part of a Builder club to buy using real money, getting your Robux can be easy and hard at the same time.

In this article, I will share different ways to get free Robux in Roblox. Every single way mentioned is 100% working. So, stick with me to know more about tricks to get Robux codes and working code generators.

How to Get Free Robux

Getting free Robux means not spending any money, but you need to understand that Robux might be an in-game currency but it has real-world market value. So, you might not be spending money instead you will be spending your time. In simple terms, you will have to earn it.

The different ways mentioned below are official ways to get Robux mentioned by Roblox.

1. Membership of any Builders Club

The term BC stands for Builders club. Players or Developer who purchases or is part of any Builders Club is given a daily stipend. The amount of Stipend depends on the type of Builders club you are part of. Currently, there are three different types of Builders club in Roblox.

  1. Builders Club(BC)
  2. Turbo Builders Club (TBC)
  3. Outrageous Builders Club(OBC)

Players who are a part of BC gets 15 Robux as daily stipend while TBC members earn 35 Robux/day. But the OBC membership is the best one as you get 60 Robux per day.

2. Catalog Sales

The Catalog is a place in Roblox where players can buy in-game clothes and accessories for their avatar, paying in Robuxes. But on the other hand members of Builders Club has the privilege to create those items and put in on the Catalog, so people can buy it. Users get 70% of the item price while 30% goes as marketplace fees or in-game tax.

3. Develop Your Own Game

Roblox is a developer’s paradise, offering simple ways to develop the games of your dream, a perfect place for beginners and pros. By developing your own game and selling game passes you can easily earn tons of Robux.

You can also include in-game items, supplies, clothes, and gears on your game page just like the Catalog. Every time a player buys something, you get 70% of it. Games Development is the fastest way to makes tons of Robux but that’s after you have developed a game.

4. Earning in Groups

Since Roblox is both single and multiplayer, both an individual or a group can earn Robux by selling. Just like an individual player develops a game, item, accessories or gear, a group doing the same thing can earn Robux as well. The Robux thus collected can be further distributed to each individual member of the group. Group earning is actually the most efficient way to earn Robux as it doesn’t take much individual effort but brings in a good result.

5. Trading 

Trading in Roblox is the easiest yet slowest way to earn Robux. The trading system in Roblox works on the principle of the Barter system where you simply exchange one stuff for others. When users want to get rid of some items or to get some new items they use the Trading system.  To trade an item, you simply create a trading list and make it attractive enough to interest other players. Usually, the trading offer includes Robux to attract other players which can be done other way around.

After submitting your trade list, it is made public so other players/users can see it. Once the trade is good enough for your or other user’s liking, a trading offer is made. Users can also counter the trade in case they want any change or straight up decline it.

6. Earn Robux using Google play codes, Rixty codes or iTunes Credit

Free Robux can also be earned by using Google play code, Rixty code or iTunes Credit. You can earn Google, Rixty or iTunes codes by following different methods. These codes can then be used to redeem Robux.

7. RobuxMania

RobuxMania is one of those sites that provide free Robux just for entering your username. The moment you access the site you get 5R$ just for entering your username. RobuxMania is one of the very few legit sites that give you free Robux simple offers and is also reviewed by several players. It basically works in three steps.

Step1 – First, Visit the site at, and sign up.

Step2 – Earn Points. In RobuxMania, you can earn point by completing offers or tasks. The offers or tasks concludes of simple jobs like downloading an app, completing a survey, etc. Once the task is completed you get points depending on the task.

Step3- Convert. The points thus gathered can be converted into Rixty Codes, iTune Giftcards or Google play codes which can be further redeemed to get free Robux.

Free Robux Promo Codes

Robux Promo codes are basically computer-generated codes used for getting free credits, special items, discounts, etc. In Roblox, promo codes don’t necessarily get you money(Robux) but it does help you acquire rare in-game items, gears, clothes and several other fancy kinds of stuff without spending any Robux.

Below is the list of Roblox promo codes in 2020-

  1.  Vulture’s Mask – SPIDERMANONROBLOX
  2.  Southwest Straw Fedora – SXSW2015
  3.  24k Gold Headphones –  GOLDENHEADPHONES2017
  4.  50K Space Hawk – SPACESTYLE
  5.  75K Super Swoop – 75KSWOOP
  6.  150K Summer Shades – COOL4SUMMER
  7.  The Bird Says – TWEETROBLOX
  8.  Violet Hood of the Ages – 200kTWITCH
  9.  KCA Slime Wings – KCASLIME
  10.  Firestripe Fedora – *HAPPY 2020*
  11.  IOI Helmet – FINDTHEKEYS
  12.  Full Metal Tophat – TARGET 2018
  13.  Playful Red Dino – ONEMILLIONCLUB!
  14.  Jurassic World Sunglasses – JURASSICWORLD
  15.  Next Level Future Visor- KEEPIT100

Free Robux Generators with No Human Verification

Code generators are tools that generate particular code for any particular source. Since those particular codes are similar to promo codes as they are both computer-generated codes, they seem to work. You might find several sites guarantee 100% working codes totally free in return for a small task but, promo codes cost real life money, so how do they do it.

Well, they do provide you codes, but those codes are FAKE. To get those code, you might have to complete a survey, or download an app or visit a site which doesn’t cost any money. But by using this technique, they trick you to complete a survey or download an app, which you would never access normally. And, this brings them real-life cash from the companies you did the task for. It is one of the oldest marketing tricks which still works like charm.

All so called No Human Verification Robux Code Generators are 100% Fake, so don’t waste your time searching for such Online Robux generator sites.

Final Words

Roblox is free to access and fun to use platform that allows you to design your dream game and play it with others.  Robux being its only in-game credit is the most valuable thing.  You can always get as much Robux as you want as long as you pay for it, but to get it free, you have to earn it. The above-mentioned ways are some of the legitimate ways to do so. As for the code generators, they don’t work and often result in banning your game account. So stay alert.

Well, that was all I could say in one article. Thanks for sticking with us. God Bless!!

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