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Don’t know about others, but I Love gaming. For me, it is the only place where I can take all my frustrations out without bothering anyone, and I m pretty sure its the same for many of us. But what frustrates me more is waiting months for a game to release and then saving money to buy it. Today, gaming might be insanely fun, but it’s not cheap at all.

To buy any game offline, you need money, to buy the same thing online you will need virtual money. This virtual money comes from redeeming codes and these codes have different alias for different platforms. As for PlayStation, it is called PSN codes and today we will talk about that.

Well, you can get these codes by buying them but that is not why you are here for right?!. So, Today I will share 5 Legit ways to get PSN codes totally free. But first, some bits of knowledge.

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What are the PSN Codes?

So, PSN basically stands for PlayStation Network which is an online media content distribution service. The PlayStation Network includes a PlayStation Store which lets you buy gaming hardware and games supported by PlayStation3 and PlayStation4. In order to buy anything, you can use your credit card or Paypal account but you can also use PSN codes.

These codes are a series of 12 computer-generated characters that have real-life value. You can literally use these codes, to buy anything, gift someone or to get a discount or maybe extend your subscription. The reason why these codes are so famous because they are way safer and easy to use. All you have to do is buy a code and redeem it while making a purchase.

5-Ways to get Free PSN Codes

1. PSN Rewards

Well, in this free world, buying isn’t the only way to get things and the same goes for literally anything in this world.  The PSN rewards is a reward program run by Sony for players who want to earn codes instead of buying them. With rewards, you can literally buy anything in Sony’s Reward Catalog.  Cool right? Well, there are some conditions.

 You have to be skilled enough-

The only way you are getting some serious points out in this reward site is only if you are great at gaming. Usually, a typical reward site rewards you on the basis of jobs you perform for them. But as for PSN Rewards, you are rewarded for the number of trophies collected by you. The more trophies you earn, the more points you get. Better the trophy, better will be the rate.

The Rates-

Let’s say, that you have earned 100 silver trophies, you get 100 points which sum up to a $1. In case you earned 100 Gold trophies, you will get 250 points i.e 2.5$. But earning only 10 Platinum trophies, which is definitely not easy as it sounds, you will get a 1000 points instantly.  You might not afford a house with it but you can get one month of PlayStation Plus Subscription.

Wondering how?

In case you are wondering how to do so, its pretty simple actually. Simply visit Sony Reward-PlayStation. Now, Sign in with your account, click on Join Now and Start Earning, it’s that simple. Also, keep in mind that you can keep earning points by making purchases on PlayStation’s Store as well.


2. Grab Points

Grab Points is one of the few reward sites that are 100% secure and Works!.  Grab Points is simple. straight forward, reward site that rewards you points on the basis of the job you perform. You can easily find different jobs, on the site’s wall and get your rewards once you have completed the task. The amount of points depends upon the complexity of the job.

To start earning, you will first need to register yourself on Grab Points. Then, completes the jobs on the site’s wall to earn points. Once, you have crossed a threshold of 3000 points, you will be eligible to claim your reward. You can redeem your point for PSN codes. The redeemed codes will be sent to you in 48 hours via email. In case you don’t want the PSN code you can also get PayPal cash at the rate of $1 per 1000 points.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another great source for making some money in return for some jobs. It is way simpler than Grab points and works for several different platforms. So, you can make enough points to buy yourself some valuable PSN codes. Earning points in Swagbucks is also really easy, and you can do so by watching a video, completing surveys, doing paid searches and do online shopping.

Stack up your points and convert them into gift cards, promo codes, PayPal cash, Swagbucks has no problem paying you on whichever way you want. You can either get amazon gift cards and buy yourself some PSN codes or use PayPal cash to do so. Getting your codes with Swagbucks is way easier than Grab Points.  You can get a $5 gift card for 700 Swagbucks points.

4. Pay Prizes

PayPrizes is another source which is worth mentioning and might interest you as well. Just like Grab Points, Pay Prizes is also a reward site. It also works the same as the Grab Points. The biggest difference between Grab Points, Swag Bucks, and Point Prizes is that Point Prizes targets only PlayStation Network, Xbox live,  Nintendo and some handpicked games, while the other two focuses on different platforms as well.

To start with PointPrizes, you first Start by making your account. Then visit offer wall and complete different tasks. Completing Tasks stacks up to your points, and then redeem your points for gift cards. With the help of PayPrizes, you can easily earn $10, $25, and $50 PSN gift cards.

5. Give Away sites

If you have read my previous articles on CodeGenerator then you might have noticed me mentioning giveaway sites quite often. Well, that because giveaway sites are the best source to get anything for free. From an old rusty chair to a new gaming console, you will always be able to find someone giving away what you are looking for.  There are several giveaway platforms that you can search right away and there is a good chance that you might know a few of them but there are some that I would personally suggest.

Since today we are looking for PSN code giveaways, the best source for that would be either Youtube, Reddit, Twitch, Twitter and Discord. Obviously, there are tons of other sources but these are evergreen and you won’t need any intro as well. To get your codes, simply follow any tech or gaming channel that is any way related to PlayStation and conducts a regular giveaway. Turn on your notification and wait! Remember, Patience is the Key.

Free PSN Codes Online

In this world or 0 and 1, system-generated codes are something that you always find for free. The same way, you can easily find some random codes online. There are also different sites that share these codes for different platforms.  Yeah, I am talking about PSN codes.  Here is a list of 50 of those codes.

2 Z87G-69BA-664G
3 9J8E-HYM6-9DS3
4 AJB3-742E-UKKA
6 3T7R-3KS7-5LN3
11 L4R2-D4AR-78NK
18 XQZ8-937L-UZ4F
19 3FV7-LB43-X8EZ
25 5V57-7TCK-V6WU
27 LMGC-E56J-P89U
30 EXCH-4KM9-847T
31 4N84-HAHS-7XYW
32 FC88-R23M-YKA4
37 TX4F-ZH4A-8N3B
39 6Y8Y-VK6S-CQ2V
41 5UKJ-82K6-YC5E
42 4PX3-HF3N-L739
43 8RZ8-GSH2-A2JQ
48 2PR9-QRQ9-XUM6
49 AQFL-3GMD-646G

Code Generators

I don’t understand why, but for some reason, Code generators are quite famous for getting free stuff. Every time you google for working free codes, you will always find one or two code generators on the first page. Despite the fact that they are fake, they are always on the top of your search result, which means people are still using it.

These platforms claim to offer free codes for a quick survey or maybe instantly. Do what they want you to do and you will get free codes but they never work, why?. Well, that’s because of its a scam, You don’t have to be Sherlock to understand that.

But, Reward sites give you codes as well” you might say.

Yes, Rewards sites also give you codes, but they are not free, and you pay for them. You pay them with your time and effort.  That is why you mostly get $1 for 1000 points. Because they come from real money. Reward sites conduct surveys and promote ads for their clients, and get paid for that. You doing those surveys and watching those ads, work for reward sites and earn those points. After all, Time is money and nothing is free in this world.

Final Thought

I might have gone a little personal with the code generator section but it really angers me looking at people getting fooled by them so easily. Personal feeling aside, those were the 5-different ways to get free PSN codes, which are 100% legal.  Do remember that, getting free codes might sound fun, but in no realm is it is easy.  You will have to put a lot of effort to rank up points and then convert them to get what, $5. I am pretty sure, you can make more working part-time at you local Starbucks.

Also, never trust any Code Generator platform as they are all fame but no game. At last, Thanks a lot for reading this article, I hope it was helpful to you. Feel free to comment and ask for any queries. That’s all-Peace Out!

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