7-Legit Ways To Get Steam Wallet Codes for Free

Having a PC and gaming on it is one thing, but playing a competitive match on CS: Go, is a different story. No matter how crazy skilled you are in playing campaigns, does not define your multiplayer skills.  And to play multiplayer games on PC you will need a different platform as well, which currently is provided by steam. Steam for me is one of the most accessible, affordable platform where I can buy AAA title at the most affordable price. In simple terms, steam is amazon for gamers.

But, despite the fact you are getting games at most affordable prices doesn’t make it any cheaper.  Any game on steam can easily cost from $1 to $70, which is affected by several factors. In this article, I will share you 7 different ways to get free steam wallet code to make you purchase a less costly or maybe totally free.

Free Steam Wallet Codes – 7 Ways

Just like PSN codes, and XboxLive codes, Steam Wallet code is your virtual source of money on steam. In order to buy any game, you will need to make a purchase online. And, to do so you will need a credit card or PayPal account, or your steam wallet. By using steam wallet codes you can add cash into your steam wallet. You can also use these codes to get a discount or as a gift card.

By getting free steam wallet codes, you will able to add extra cash to your steam account and use it to buy different games.  Below are different ways to get these codes.

1.Grab Points

GrabPoints is a reward site that lets you earn steam wallet codes for free. And by free, I mean no cash only!. Grab Points is not different than a usual reward site and works on the same principle. Just like any reward site,  on Grab Points you get rewards by performing tasks. To do so, you will be required to make an account. Once, you have made your account, you will already find tones of jobs on the home page.

The jobs offered are comprised of doing surveys, watching video ads, or completing offers, etc. For every job you will complete, you will instantly be rewarded with points or GP.  In simple terms, you earn GP by doing jobs and once you have stacked 3000 GP, you can redeem it. In GrabPoints, 1000GP= $1, so say you redeemed 5000Gp you will get $5.

The best thing about grab points is that you can choose the medium you want to get paid with. You can choose 20+ forms of payment in gift cards, from GooglePlay codes to amazon codes, GrabPoints have it all. After redeeming your reward, the gift card code will be sent to your email within 48hrs.   Just open you email and get your free steam wallet code.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another contender in this list. In the list of GPT sites, Swagbuck is way better than Grab Points. It was pretty simple UI, easy to navigate and the jobs are simpler and clear than Grab points. You might have an issue with GrabPoints but with Swagbucks, you can/will earn rewards by completing jobs.


The type of job you get on SwagBucks is same as that of Grab Points but, SwagBucks focuses more on surveys and paid searches. The way of earning points is the same for all reward sites. You make an account, complete jobs, stack up points and redeem your reward, which will be sent your email after. In Swagbucks, you earn SB and earning 700SB gets you $5 Paypal cash.  You will directly earn $50 steam wallet code for 5000SB.

3. PrizePoints

PrizePoints is a reward site that rewards you for completing offers, doing surveys and watching Ads. With PrizePoints, you will first have to register using your Google account, then complete jobs on the offer walls. Earn and save your points by completing jobs, once you have enough, choose the mode of payment and redeem your points. PrizePoints is simple to use and you can also monitor your progress to get the best out of it. PrizePoints have over 40+ ways yo pay you including free cash. With pize points earning $10, or $25 gift cards are no big deal.

4. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is not different from PrizePoints, other than the name and the site. You have to follow the same method as above to get your reward. There is nothing special about Prize Rebel except the fact that it works. You can use your Facebook or Google account to register to PrizeRebel and start earning right away. PtizeRebel also has different ways to pay you, which is delivered within 24hrs, so you don’t have to worry about it.

5. Earnably.com

Earnably is another reward site where you can earn free Steam Wallet code for free. With Earnably you can choose the different jobs depending on the time it will take. Earnably also awards you for referring to your friends. You can start with Earnably in less than a minute and its simple UI makes it a lot simple and accessible.

6. InstaGc

InstaGc or Instant Gift Cards is the last name in our list. It is also a reward site, through which you can earn points by shopping online, watching videos, and doing paid searches. InstaGc has given over 1.2 million gift cards so far and the best thing is that it doesn’t take time to deliver. The moment you redeem your gift card, you will get your code in your email box instantly.

7. Giveaways

Giveaways are the best ways to earn any gift card. Cause, No matter how good a reward site is, you will always have to put a lot of time and effort to get the job done. As for giveaways all you have to do is participate and wait. Giveaways are better rewarding, takes less effort, has more value and you will always be able to find giveaways in the gaming communities.  Also, there are several youtube channels and communities on Steam or Reddit who conduct regular giveaways. Subscribe to those channels, turn on notification and always try participating in those giveaways.

Even if you win once out of ten, you will still get at least $50 gift cards but it takes time. The best you can do is keep using reward sites and keep trying your luck on giveaways on the side.

8. Code List

Below are some codes, that you should definitely give a try, these might work, but if it does-FREE CASH!


















Code generators – A Scam

Code Generators are said to be the best source for codes but, to be honest, they are just scam. A code generator is usually run by marketing companies that advertise offering free codes for a quick job. The prizes are of “way good to true” nature and are designed in a way to make it look as real as possible. Once you share your details to make an account on code generators, your personal shared to other companies and the quick job you do are basically surveys, or watching an advertisement, accessing a site or maybe subscribing for a newsletter.

When you complete a job, you get a code, that never works, while the owner of the code generator makes good cash by sharing your personal info and also for the jobs you have done.  Which explains why you should never trust code generators.

 The Bottomline:

Earning gift cards from reward sites sounds exciting, but in reality, it is really hard to make a good amount of money on these sites. Reward sites take a lot of time and effort to get you enough prizes to add a good amount of cash to your wallet. Instead, you can get a part-time job or do freelancing, by that way you’ll be able to make more money. Do participate in the giveaways though, cause they are just free cash if you win. And Never trust a code generator no matter how real it looks.

Well, that was all from my side, thanks for reading this article and have a beautiful day-Peace Out!

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