6 Legit Ways To Get You Free Xbox Live Codes in 2019

Hey gamer lovers? Looking for free codes? If you are an Xbox player who loves multiplayer gaming then you are in the right place. No matter what type of code it is or which platform you are on, in the gaming world codes are money, convert them into in-game credits or use them to get a discount is up to you, but without codes, there is nothing you can do!  Which explains why codes are so important and getting them for free is a pain in the head.

But, worry not gamers, cause in this article, I will share 5 legit ways to get Xbox live codes. I will also share some free codes that are available online for the year  2019.

What is Xbox live codes?

Before, jumping into the content lets talk about codes first. So basically, the  Xbox live codes are system generated coupon codes. These coupon codes help you buy all types of stuff available online in Xbox one store. May it be your in-game items or your Xbox gold subscription, in any case, where you will need real money you can use these codes instead.  All you have to do is redeem it.

To redeem a code-

Step1– Sign in to your Xbox One.

Step2– Press the Xbox button on the middle of your controller, to open the guide, then select Home.

Step3-Now, Scroll through and open the Store tab.

Step4-Choose “Use a code” to redeem your code.

Step5– Now, just type in the 25-character codes without worrying about the hyphens.

And that’s how you redeem your code on Xbox One.

6 Ways To Get Your Free Codes

Since we are well educated now lets jump right into the different ways to get you your free codes.

1. Microsoft Reward Points

Microsoft reward point is a reward program run by Microsoft, that rewards you for the online searches that you daily do, except you have to use Bing or Microsoft edge instead of Google.  By doing so, you are rewarded with points that can further be redeemed for gift cards, sweepstake entries and can also be used in Microsoft store.  By using this method you can easily earn enough point for your Xbox Live Gold subscription for a month.

The points you earn also hold real-life value at the rate of $0.001 per point.  And for each paid search you perform, you get 5 points. You can earn up to 50 points per day. And if you are able to earn more than 500 points a month you will be upgraded to “Level 2” which will increase the limit to 250 points per day. So, if you do the math, in the most ideal condition you will able to earn 1500 points per month( $1.5 ) at “Level 1” and 7500 points per month ( $7.5 ) at “Level 2” just by browsing.

You can also earn additional points at the rate of 5 points per hour by actively browsing on Microsoft Edge. Some other ways to earn these points are by completing different offers and quizzes on Microsoft rewards or buying different kinds of stuff on Microsoft/Windows stores.

 2. XBL Reward

The XBL Rewards is the number 1 place to earn free Xbox Gift cards for free. The XBL Rewards is a reward site that works on the same principle as Microsoft rewards. The only difference is that you directly get Xbox codes this way instead of earning points and then redeeming them on different platforms.

To earn Xbox live code on XBL reward you will have to create an account using your Xbox live username. Then all you have to do is complete the several tasks on the site’s wall to earn points. Once you have earned 1000 points you can convert that into a $10 Xbox Live gift card.  Using XBL reward you can easily earn up to $50 gift cards as it has no limits, just complete the tasks earn a point and get your gift cards. It might take some time to earn enough points to get you gift cards but it’s Free.

3. PointPrizes

PointsPrizes is another reward site just like XBL Rewards that offer free Xbox Live codes in return of some jobs. You will have to first earn points then redeem those points to get Xbox Live codes. To earn those points you will have to watch ads, perform surveys, visit sites, etc. One demerit of this site is that most of the time to will have to enter your email so you can subscribe to any company’s newsletter or stuffs like that. But as long as you can make a new side email account, it won’t cause any problems.

4. Making a new account

If you only want to use these codes to play online and doesn’t have other requirements with the codes, than one of the simple ways to do so is by making a new account every 14 days.  Since all you need to play online, then you don’t need to buy anything, just make a new account and you will get free Xbox Live subscription for 14 days straight, totally free. Keep in mind that by doing so you will also lose all of your achievements but, Hey! free subscription.

This might not be an ideal solution but it works and you can play online. Another way to do this is, by adding your account as a family member. Let’s say that one of your roommates has an Xbox live gold subscription than you can get a free 1-month membership by adding a new account as a family member.

5. Complimentary Codes

If you have an Xbox live subscriptions or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate then you can benefit from these codes. Any member with a subscription can get free codes with few-hand selected games. If you are buying a new game and not sure which one to get, buy one with complimentary codes. When you redeem your game on your Xbox you get gold which allows you to play different free games every month as long as you have gold.

6. Taking Part in Giveaways

Giveaways are the most ideal ways to earn free codes. No matter which platform you are on, you will always find free giveaways you can participate in. Some of the platforms are-


Youtube is a land of contents, with more than 1.9 billion active users, Youtube is one of the biggest platforms on which you can try your luck.  If you are a gamer then you might already be following some kind of gaming channel. These channels frequently conduct several types of giveaways to promote themselves. By a little bit of research, you will easily find some of those channels. Subscribe to them so you can get regular updates about any type of giveaways they might be conducting.


Well, Reddit needs no introduction, no matter whichever community you are in, you will always be somehow related to Reddit.  And by taking part in any Reddit giveaways, you can easily earn a lot of free codes. Trust me, it is one place to try your luck out. Some of those subreddits are-





Online free codes

Some of the free, available Xbox live promo codes in the year 2019 are-

Subscription promo codes

One Month Gold Membership – GOLDMEME

Three Month Gold Membership – AFTERMOTH

Six Month Gold Membership -SIXONTON

One Year Gold Membership -PRESOLON

Trial Codes 




V67P2- 6CM6X-GQTMB-77F2R-K2K7M











Code Generators

Code generators are said to be one of the easiest ways to get any type of codes. All they do is generate a code for you which is totally free, in some cases, you will have to make an account or drop your email. But mostly you can create any code in 20 sec. so, if code generators are so good why didn’t I talked about it first.

Well, that because it’s all a scam. Any code generator website is designed in a way that you will for sure fall for it. Open any site, fulfill the requirement, click on generate and voila! here is your code.   Try that code and it never works, because they are fake. The reason these sites are so famous amongst scammers is because of the requirements that you will have to fulfill to get the code. Those requirements can be completing a survey, subscribing to a website or newsletter, watching ads, or downloading an app.

Doing so gets you nothing but those scammers are getting paid by marketing sites, thanks to the little job you did for them.

Bottom Line

Getting free Xbox live codes might work some times but mostly they won’t as most of the ways are made by finding a flaw in the system. The moment it got discovered those ways won’t work anymore. But the 6 ways mentioned above, are 100% legal, so they will work as they are not made over any flaw.

Trying codes from any third party sites might get your account banned or you might lose your subscription. So, be careful with whatever you do. Never trust any third party site or code generators as they are all scam. But to be Honest, stop looking for free codes and buy one. If you don’t have money then get a part-time job. You will get one if you will try.

At last, thanks for reading my article. Feel free to comment and share what you think about free codes. In case, you know about any other methods, mentions those in the comment section and I will add it. Well, That was all from my side and thanks again for sticking around- Peace Out!

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